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      Standard for visual inspection of terminal crimping quality

      1. Purpose

      Standardize the visual inspection standards for terminal crimping quality and control product quality.

      2. Scope of application

      It is suitable for the visual judgment of the crimping quality of the stamping staff, patrol inspector, spring inspector and wire harness repairer.

      3. Description

      According to customer requirements, all connectors used in the wiring harness (hereinafter referred to as "terminals") must be selected in the customer approved bill of materials. In order to ensure the quality of crimping, the crimped terminal must pass the self-inspection of the stamper, the random inspection of the inspector and the full inspection of the spring inspector. This standard focuses on judging the quality of the terminal crimping by visual inspection, and the terminal tension test passes Refer to the "Crimp List" for testing.

      4. Main content

      The visual standard is mainly displayed by the method of illustration, and the quality judgment is quickly performed by comparing the qualified product with the defective product.


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