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      Drive by technology, survive by quality

      The glory and majesty of China in the 5G world war, commercial landing is the key!

      Houlin Zhao, Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union, believes that 5G is no less than the fourth industrial revolution.

      Xinhua News Agency stated that my country strives to achieve large-scale commercial use of 5G in 2020.

      From 1G to 4G, the main solution is the communication between people, and 5G will solve the communication between people and things, and between things, that is, the interconnection of everything.

      "4G changes lives, 5G changes society." Ding Haiyu, director of the Institute of Wireless and Terminal Technology of China Mobile Research Institute, said that 5G is a new communication technology. This communication technology will be closely integrated with artificial intelligence and big data in the future, and will be opened A new era of interconnection.

      Needless to say, each generation of communication technology changes is accompanied by the ups and downs of the country's destiny and the change of commanding heights of the semiconductor industry.

      Communication technology can even determine the victory or defeat of war.

      In the Second World War, all parties involved in the war wanted to increase the torpedo hit rate.

      They usually use wireless signals to guide torpedoes.

      But the enemy can also cause the torpedo to deviate from the target by jamming the radio signal.

      This is because early communications were transmitted on a separate channel at the same time. When the enemy detected the pilot channel, it was able to interfere with the signal, turning the attack into blind and blind, without breaking through.

      How to avoid signal interference?

      Legendary musician George Antel and Hollywood actress Heidi Rama realized the "frequency hopping" transmission of the signal based on the principle of the automatic piano.

      This is a genius idea.

      Frequency hopping technology can split the original single channel into several narrow frequency channels to spread the information. These signals are transmitted in a random channel sequence, and the receiving end combines the discrete signals in the same order. In this way, for the receiver who does not know the channel sequence, the received signal is basically equivalent to noise and is useless.

      In December 1940, the two sent an explanation to the National Inventors Committee.

      In August 1942, this invention was granted a US patent. This is "frequency hopping communication technology".

      At the time, this technology not only saved the lives of countless front-line Allied soldiers, but also directly spawned the CDMA technology, 3G technology, and WIFI technology that are currently in use, and will always benefit future generations.

      Heidi Rama, the legendary actress with beauty and wisdom, is also known as the mother of frequency hopping technology (or the mother of CDMA) by future generations.

      In the late 1950s, Heidi's outstanding design ideas were widely used in military computer chips, so patents were kept secret until the end of the Cold War.

      After the end of the Cold War, the US military lifted the control of a number of communication technologies, including frequency hopping technology, and allowed its commercialization.

      This kicked off the development of the global civil mobile communications industry.

      In the era of 2G, European GSM is leading the world, and Ericsson and Nokia are rising rapidly.

      In the 3G era, Japan's i-Mode is popular all over the world, and NTT DoCoMo ranks among the fastest growing companies in the world.

      In the 4G era, the United States preempted the layout, and a large number of companies such as Apple and Google have grown into giants.

      The result is the second longest boom in American history, with millions of jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars in output each year.


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